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Land O’ Lakes, Mazda, and Segway are just a few of the top brands using Kentico

Thousands of agencies and companies around the world use Kentico Kontent and Xperience. Big and medium-sized businesses show command of their digital experiences with Kentico’s products. This is how they grow their digital presence. As a Kentico implementation Partner, EXLRT is comfortable growing medium-sized businesses into large digital brands.

Our services include:

  • Architectures for Content & Language Platforms
  • On-Premise and Cloud hosting
  • Personalization
  • Front-end Development
  • Customized Workflows
  • End-to-end Testing and Monitoring

What 25,000 Websites Use


Kentico Xperience is just one of the latest web content management and online marketing platforms powered by modern .NET MVC technology. It offers three significant advantages:

  • Independence
  • Speed
  • Ease of optimization

We use Kentico to deliver optimized websites and online shopping platforms for medium-sized companies. We've found that Kentico is ideal for web content management, online marketing, and e-commerce. It's no wonder that more than 25,000 websites use Kentico.

Advantages of Kentico

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    Uses a simple and intuitive user interface to help users manage content
  • 02


    Manages content with .NET, REST APIs, and a headless layer
  • 03


    Ready to connect to third-party translation providers and to manage the entire localization flow
  • 04


    Seamlessly integrates with payment providers and shopping experiences
  • 05


    Prepackaged integrations with SalesForce, Marketo, SharePoint, and SiteImprove
  • 06


    Allows users to authenticate with various providers, including Facebook, OpenID, and OAuth, or even a custom user database

How We Deliver

Our team of Kentico experts includes team leads, software analysts, front and back-end developers, and testers 

We know that a managed-service team isn’t one-size-fits-all. You need a team that works for your business and your strategy. We’ll develop and maintain your complete technical solution – including where we track progress and even keep the code.

We build a team that meets your specific needs for content management workflows, deployment strategies, upgrades, and testing.

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Ultimate customer experience


Sitecore works closely with more than 800 technology partners from around the globe. When migrating from another CMS platform into Sitecore, it promises three things for your web presence:

  • Streamlined workflow
  • Standardized web sites
  • Simplified content management experience

The goal is operational improvements that enhance the customer's experience. Sitecore boasts that it connects brands and their customers. They achieve this through rich end-to-end content, seamless commerce, and constant personalization in a world where digital experience is the main product.

Services Included

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    Architecture and Platform Consultation

  • 02

    Content Modelling

  • 03

    Front-end and Back-end Development

  • 04

    Continuous Integration & Delivery

  • 05

    3rd-party integrations

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RWS Tridion

Disneyland Paris needed a website for almost every country in Europe — in both English and a local language. We recognized that they needed a global CMS platform that allows them to manage multiple sites with a single system effortlessly. Read more

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