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Today, 88 of the top 100 global brands use RWS software, along with the services they provide

Big businesses communicate with confidence as they manage their content supply chains with RWS's products. It's how they dominate their global digital marketplaces. And as one of the largest and most experienced RWS (SDL) implementation companies, EXLRT is comfortable working with those on the Forbes Global 2000 list to make their digital marketing and customer experience strategies the best they can be.

Since 2004…

EXLRT has been working with RWS (SDL) products since 2004 as an official partner. We've earned the trust of large clients like Turkish Airlines, Disneyland Paris, IBM, Kone, and Adidas.

EXLRT provides world-class, professional service. We connect clients directly to our teams to enable clear communication and workflows. Added to that is our ability to quickly scale teams to meet demand, guaranteeing on-time delivery of successful projects.

We're certified, experienced, and ready to offer the full range of content management products that RWS has to offer – and we'll tailor everything to fit the client. We can do this because we have RWS MVPs and certified RWS developers ready to help solve our clients' biggest challenges.

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RWS Tridion

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RWS World Server

  • TM (Translation Manager)
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An Official RWS Partner

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    Official Reseller

    • RWS Tridion Sites
    • ​RWS Tridion Docs
    • Worldserver / TMS
    • Machine Translation
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    Implementation Partner

    • RWS Tridion Sites
    • Worldserver / TMS
    • ​RWS Tridion Docs
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    Top-tier Solution Provider

    • Outstanding long-term partnership
    • ​Most certified RWS consultants worldwide
    • Two SDL Tridion Sites MVPs in 2021 alone

Why RWS Tridion?

As businesses expand and modernize, optimizing gets harder

A website for every country where an enterprise does business isn't going to work anymore. Generating, localizing, and managing content is proving impossible without a full platform. That's why platforms like RWS Tridion are the way forward for managing both content and translations.

Advantages of RWS Tridion

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    Creates a uniform digital experience across multiple sites, channels, and apps.
  • 02


    Keeps up with the volume, speed, and cost of translating multi-channel content.
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    Manages high-value localized content for local markets.
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    Puts content, documents, and multimedia where the organization needs it.
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    Provides a headless content API that can distribute content across platforms and technologies.
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    Uses custom workflows, topology management, and publishing integrations to move and manage content.


EXLRT knows that large multinational companies expect a different level of professionalism.

Just one look at Turkish Airlines reveals a glocalization success story, a global brand feeling like a local one. The airline that flies to the most individual destinations in the world needed a transformation of their web experience. Tridion was the only platform that could take on the localization demands.

While Tridion was the only platform that could handle it, and EXLRT was the only partner that could execute it. Building with RWS software (at the time, SDL Tridion) , EXLRT delivered a localized web platform that now functions in 120 countries and 30 languages.

How We Deliver

Our team of RWS Content Management Experts includes team leads, software analysts, back-end developers, front-end developers, infrastructure architects, and testers. 

Your managed service team isn't a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all team. It's customized to your business and your strategy. We will continuously develop, maintain, and support your complete technical solution.

We do this by keeping our clients in direct contact with every team member as they develop content management workflows, deployment strategies, perform upgrades, and create testing strategies.

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    Solution Delivery

    • Agile project teams
    • Integration into the complete software lifecycle
    • End-to-end management by EXLRT
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    Managed Services

    • Tailored support models
    • Hosting and application management
    • Quality assurance and continuous integration
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    • System Architecture
    • Solution Design
    • Tridion Blueprint Design
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    Nearshoring Partnership

    • Hourly or fixed-monthly cost
    • As-needed or set-schedule services
    • Fixed price or time & materials


Just one look at Turkish Airlines reveals a globalization success story 

One of our biggest clients, Turkish Airlines, reveals a glocalization success story: The airline that flies to the most individual destinations in the world needed a transformation of their web experience. EXLRT delivered a localized web platform with RWS content management software, Tridion. That platform now functions in 120 countries and 30 languages.

If you're looking for a reliable partner for upgrading, an infrastructure scan, integrations with a DAM or PIM, or ongoing maintenance, we're ready to help.

We can deliver the right solution for your company from beginning to end by being agile, building the right team, and using the right technologies. Our 85+ employees and multi-year Tridion Sites MVPs can deliver projects of any size with highly trained and certified teams. We have on-site experts in the USA and Europe. You can call us any time to get started on developing a solution that works for you.

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Turkish Airlines

RWS Tridion

At the end of 2013, Turkish Airlines decided to modernize their web presence and customer experience. Because we know the challenges between local, global, and glocal, we identified RWS Tridion as the right fit for their needs. Read more

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