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Custom Development

Web Application Development

Using the help of Microsoft's .Net Framework, Java, as well as up-to-date front-end technologies, we provide our clients with reliable, cost-effective, accessible, and responsive web solutions.

Every application we built is designed and developed with our clients' success in mind. We focus on the customer's satisfaction by delivering global solutions that are highly scalable, stable, and perform well in any context.

The principles we go by in our work are simplicity, quality, and security. It's easy to see the quality in simplicity. Quality leads to security.

Services Included

  • 01

    User Interface Development

  • 02

    Infrastructure and API Development

  • 03

    Automated Testing

  • 04

    Continuous Integration and Deployment

  • 05

    24/7 Support for your Company

  • 06

    Cloud Hosting and Engineering

Front-End Development

Our team of Front-End specialists will help you design an accessible, responsive, fast, and SEO-friendly website or web application.

Coupled with our diverse CMS experts, we provide a complete solution for your online presence. EXLRT's Front End team has over 40 years of combined experience in working with MV* frameworks that will help you improve in more than just your web presence.

We deliver scalable user interfaces that grow with you. By following accessibility standards, industry best practices, and incorporating progressive enhancement, we make web applications and sites that will work for a broad audience.

System Integration

Specialized systems with a single purpose that create one cohesive user experience

EXLRT's team can help you integrate multiple systems efficiently so that the result is the maximum potential of a system with the least impact to an end-user. This integration will allow you to manage various systems from a single location. Our goal, when we integrate the systems, is improving the efficiency and productivity of your business.

Optimized Technologies


Project Customization

During the previous half a decade, our custom development projects mostly consisted of web-based projects that used technologies optimized for projects, rather than what we do daily. As far as the large-scale projects are concerns, we have:

Client Industries

We have worked for clients from a variety of sectors:
  • financial (ACI Payments),
  • entertainment (AEG)
  • pharmaceutical (Pluripharm)
  • retail

Client Demands

The demands of our clients vary significantly. Different companies want different platforms and solutions, so all we can say is that their requirements are, in general, web-based.

We've worked across the web in a variety of different channels, websites, web applications, mobile apps, APIs, microservices, and various 3rd party integrations.

We work from our clients' requirements and designs and then make it our mission to deliver high-quality solutions that meet our clients' needs.

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ACI Universal Payments

Custom Development

At the core of PAY. ON's gateway solutions are the Open Payment Platform (OPP), based on open API architecture and available through the single integration. The modular PAY.ON gateway enables the prompt connectivity expansion of existing systems via a single proprietary API. Read more

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