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Libresse is a leading international provider of feminine care and hygiene products. Their product line encompasses several brands – Libresse, Bodyform, Nana, Saba, and Nosotras, which are active across Europe, the UK, Russia, the Middle East, North Africa, and South America. They are owned by the Swedish hygiene and health product company Essity.

The Challenge

How to build brand equity and customer engagement and loyalty?

Libresse sought to build brand equity and customer engagement and loyalty by providing feminine care resources. To accomplish this, they decided to build an editorial and education hub called The V-Zone.

This hub would include long-form content in the form of blog posts and videos and would offer promotions and free samples to users. Additionally it would include interactive features such as quizzes and an “Ask-the-expert” functionality that would allow users to ask questions of women’s care experts. These questions would need to be available to healthcare providers to answer either publicly on the website or privately via email through a separate app.

All of this needed to be customizable not only between brands, markets and languages, but also for specific audience age groups.

The Solution

EXLRT utilized the latest technology, including RWS Tridion, DD4T, .NET, and Azure to launch a global, cloud-based platform.

By designing and building flexible and reusable front-end templates and modules, EXLRT provided a seamless experience across brands and markets.

By integrating the EXLRT team with the internal Libresse team, the development was able to remain agile, adaptable, and most of all, fully transparent so the work could best meet Libresse’s goals.

The V-Zone hub was built in Tridion and integrated with the existing product management system to allow for simplified data control and product information and display. Additional integrations allowed the EXLRT team to build custom form administration to simplify quiz creation and management.

EXLRT’s ongoing support includes not only website, integration, and RWS management, but also ongoing load testing and back-end optimization, as well as in-depth documentation and user guides.

The Outcome

The launch of the V-Zone hub increased visitor interaction, time on page, and the number of visits per user.

This leads to improved SEO rankings and higher brand recognition. Their active online presence positions them as honest and trusted leaders in online education for feminine care and hygiene products, and has allowed them to become pioneers in marketing their products.

Development through EXLRT is ongoing, with a full roadmap of new features to introduce, new automation to implement, and an eventual redesign of the front-end.

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