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Microcontent – Smaller Content Means Bigger Opportunities

Content, content, content. Researchers claim that right now the breadth of human knowledge is doubling every 13 months and will double every 12 hours by 2020. But with such a vast amount of information available we need a strategy and a better structure to organize it all. Microcontent is the way to not only decrease the load on content creators, but also the best way to empower chatbots to deliver the best answers every time. Here we'll share the basics of microcontent and how it produces better chatbots and customer experiences.

What is microcontent?

Microcontent is the newest structure and strategy for tackling the daily technical content grind. A method of using agile snippets of information powered by machine learning and AI, microcontent is the way to provide the best possible answers to a customer's questions. Writing content in the "micro" format, known as information typing, means small parts can be used and moved around for use in all different types of formats. Structuring technical content by type makes the content more useful and easily identifiable by chatbots using natural language processing to serve customers online.

Microcontent is Already in Use…

Customers are getting frustrated because now there's almost too much content to easily find the answers they're looking for. Google has already addressed this problem by developing "Google Snippets". Snippets try to answer a searchers question by bringing up specific boxes of the most relevant information. And infographics and microlearning are becoming the most favored ways to digest content and information today. Typifying content by the type of information it provides makes it more easily used and processed not just by humans but also by machines.

But it's Getting Bigger.

By writing content in the microcontent structure it instantly becomes much more useful to an entire organization. No longer a strategy to just drive traffic, writing microcontent also improves the effectiveness of chatbots. Chatbots are expected to properly operate sans human interference but that can only happen when the information they have to pull from is organized in a logical, recognizable manner. The easier it is for the chatbot to identify the right information to use in response, the better the customer experience will be with the chatbot itself. A chatbot that gives wrong or irrelevant answers is after all, not a very efficient strategy.

The possibilities of chatbots are huge and knowing there is a proven strategy to improve their effectiveness takes away the skepticism regarding the technology. It is important for businesses to stand behind the customer experience they have to offer especially when it comes to the latest technologies. Machine learning through information typing and microcontent is making the chatbot a truly reliable customer service tool.

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