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How to Unlock A Global Presence with SDL Solutions in Travel and Hospitality

As Travel and Hospitality industries continue to recognize the importance of digital transformation and continue on their voyage of change, some solutions will be indispensable. Whether it be Web Content Management, Translation Management Services, or Natural Language Generation, SDL has a solution to support every step of the journey for today's global enterprise.

The modern traveller expects a digital experience that mirrors their own personal travel experience and with the help of the latest technology the hospitality and travel industries can exceed every traveller's expectations. SDL Solutions allow enterprises to go global faster because they allow companies to maintain authenticity and be personal, while also removing barriers to streamline and automate the entire process.

First, let's talk about how SDL software can improve business processes in the travel and hospitality industries when it comes to providing inspiring and automated content, speaking every customer's language, and managing inventoried content:

  • SDL's translation and web content management solutions provide the technological backbone needed to simplify the creation, management, translation and delivery of content – from highly-creative marketing copy to inventory content.
  • Translation management automates costly processes to go global faster, while ensuring a consistently personal customer experience. From the first hotel search to the "please leave us a review" emails, customers will always know who they are traveling or staying with.
  • SDL's web content management and language solutions provide integrations with many of the most-used business applications in the industry. Open APIs ensure that whether you are dealing with digital content or language translation, SDL will be able to connect and integrate with any existing ecosystems and workflows.
  • SDL translation and content management solutions allow enterprises to reuse translations across channels, leverage translation memory and terminology, and use SDL's translation engines for quality, low-cost translations, that are specifically tailored to the travel industry.

And now, how can SDL solutions facilitate digital innovation in the travel and hospitality industry? Because SDL's web content management and translation solutions provide enterprise-wide processes across the content chain for creation, management, translation, distribution and delivery. In an industry where correct translations in a multitude of languages are absolutely necessary, the WCM solution allows for micro-content to be separated from the layout, which creates content that is easily categorized, distributed, discoverable and perhaps most importantly, reusable, across contexts and channels. SDL solutions directly address the process, resources, and costs associated with effective multilingual content delivery.

  • Content translation processes are directly integrated into any content management system and translations are stored in a centralized repository to make translations easier and quicker every time.
  • Updates to content and their translations are automatically synchronized across delivery points for multiple sites and digital channels to ensure a customer experience that is the same for every site visitor, anywhere in the world.
  • Content can be localized per region, offering the information and locale-specific content that will increase engagement, interaction and conversions.

SDL Solutions have proven to increase airline conversion rates by 90%. It shouldn't be much of a surprise that six of the top 10 global airlines power their online presence with SDL.

With over five solutions available to propel the Travel and Hospitality industries on their voyage to digital transformation, there is a solution for any size company or enterprise. Translation Management, Translation Services, Web Content Management, Product and Technical Content Management, or a combination of the solutions available could be the key to unlocking a global presence.

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