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Healthcare provider repurposes ad-hoc communication technology for Coronavirus response

Formerly developed for the 2018 wildfire response, recent updates allow for a broader application

Northern California, March 9, 2020

A California-based managed healthcare and insurance provider is utilizing a custom, HIPAA-compliant communication system to update their more than 3.2 million northern California members about issues related to the ongoing spread and treatment of COVID-19 cases. This technology, developed by EXLRT – a global development group – was instrumental in the healthcare provider's response to the 2018 wildfire outbreak that ravaged California.

"We do not always see how our IT systems impact the lives of others, but this is a direct example of how important that work is," said a healthcare administrator.

Mass digital communications for healthcare providers present specific regulatory challenges. In order to meet the stringent compliance needs while keeping their members informed, this provider tapped EXLRT to develop a compliant, simple-to-use system that enabled healthcare care administrators to send regular updates during the 2018 wildfire season. After proving the system's viability, further development was commissioned to enable communications regarding a broader range of subjects.

We've recently gotten praise for the work our consultants delivered a couple of years ago that was originally meant to address a different problem. Being prepared and acting fast in a crisis situation via digital channels is a priority for the majority of our customers; our mission is to make that possible. Dejan Curcic

EXLRT specializes in creating web and digital experience solutions for global brands to address content localization and language needs. Their expertise includes leading technologies and platforms – allowing businesses to fully integrate EXLRT solutions with their existing infrastructure and their planned technology roadmaps.

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