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DXA 2.2.6 and an upcoming series about DXA 2.2

Being predominantly a .NET developer who does DXA work from time to time, I had learned some weeks ago that a new hotfix for DXA was out (.NET exclusive). Revisiting DXA's Github, to check what the changes are, has rekindled my interest in the framework, so I've decided to dedicate a series of blogs to it.

I plan on explaining some functionalities and techniques which I have learned over the years. These will include topics like:

  • Understanding the R2 Data Model
  • Handling the version info (when the HTML design is not published from the CMS)
  • Some Semantic Mapping techniques
  • Handling Region/Page Views for Include Pages
  • and the not so easy to grasp concept of Data Presentations

Before diving into those topics, I would like to use this opportunity to go quickly jump back to the aforementioned hotfix and to close this blog with a short overview about it. I say short because the changes are not substantial. The official information can be found here, but basically it's just a switch from log4net to NLog due to a security vulnerability.

A reminder on how to get the hotfix

  • if you are cloning the DXA's 2.2 Release, the hotfix is already included.
  • If you are referencing the framework via Nuget, then it's just a matter of updating the 'Sdl.Dxa.Framework.Web8' Nuget references to version 2.2.6.

I plan on starting with the series as soon as possible and outputting a blog a week (max 2), so stay tuned. And as always, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to get in touch.

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