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Chatbots and Machine Translation Provide Next Step in Customer Care

A few months ago we talked about technical content for customer support being just as critical to the sales journey as web content created for online conversions. As more enterprises realize that the customer journey doesn't stop at sales, the ability to supply accurate technical support with ease is the next step towards fulfilling the customer's ideal sales journey. With the help of technology such as machine translation and chatbots to assist customers after their purchases, the result is not just a happy customer but also happy agents and a happy enterprise as well.

Why is Customer Care such an important aspect of any sales driven business?

Because customer satisfaction builds customer loyalty. With customer loyalty a brand increases retention, which means a more competitive advantage and a stronger global brand image. For global sales-driven businesses, customer care just can't be ignored.

Today's shopper is Tech Savvy and they demand the best.

Easy, fast and accurate. These are the three goals of online technical content. Tech content is easy to reach on any channel, 24/7 and in your customer's language. It is fast when customers get the answer they need in one interaction with no wait queues. Accurate tech content provides a single source of truth, complete and localized for every customer's needs.

How do Machine Translation and Chatbots help provide the best Customer Care?

Machine Translation (MT) not only supplies 24/7 self-service to customers but it also powers multilingual chatbots and enables monolingual live agents to provide global support. Global business means global customers speaking many different languages. And it pays to offer multilingual Customer Care when 74% of customers will repurchase from a company that provides support in their language.

Machine Translation is an efficient solution for any global business for several reasons. MT is a secure solution that reduces compliance risks and secures customer information. It provides the speed of response that customers are demanding with instant translations for both content and human interactions. As a scalable solution it can also reduce costs as it decreases the need for multilingual and 24/7 live agents. And perhaps most importantly, the latest MT technology produces high quality and accurate translations for specific content. Machine translators can be trained and customized to fit and reflect your brand.

Multilingual support truly completes the sales journey.

86% of contact centers have customers that are not native English speakers. This means the more multilingual support a brand can offer, the more customer loyalty the can build. When the customer experience comes full circle and Customer Care is made just as important as conversions, happy customers, happy agents and happy enterprises abound.

Customers are happy because they are able to self-serve in their own language; they have access to 24/7 assistance across multiple channels and don't feel abandoned after their purchases. Agents are happy when they are empowered to properly serve a worldwide customer base and focus on critical issues. Increased efficiency without increased costs, loyal customers, positive reviews and building a competitive advantage are all benefits of using MT and chatbots that would make any enterprise perfectly content. And when everyone is happy, we must really be on to something.

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